This week, I was very stupid.

Not much writing news to report, but here’s the last week in brief:

  1. I’ve mostly been preparing some Christmas posts for when I go on holiday to Vietnam in December. Hope you get a laugh out of them.
  2. Been doing some more work on my new play Treasure, too, which you can read all about here.
  3. I have committed my perennial folly of grabbing more books than I can read for the holiday.
  4. It’s my last week at the studio until next year. Goodbye, Studio 7, my lovely palatial chamber of creativity. Time to take my drawings down and put away my much-neglected pot plants.
  5. Oh, yeah – and I sat on a bull ant’s nest.

Okay, okay, that’s not the reason I was stupid this week – although that did happen, and I was very lucky to get bitten only on the ankle. No, the real reason I was an idiot this week was that the hard drive of my trusty HP laptop died. Thanks, manufacturers who literally connected it with a piece of tape. And thanks, Past Amelia, for not backing up your work since SEPTEMBER, you silly, silly lady. I nearly lost five chapters of Celestial Kris (12,000 words), plus all my recent edits, plus all the myth segments in between the chapters, plus Treasure… it was a harrowing day. But, with the help of my dad, the local computer repair guys and HP Tech Support in Bangalore, I was able to get it all back. My most valuable possession is now a tiny green memory stick.

Duffers, share your shame in the comments. It’s okay; you’re in good company. 


5 thoughts on “This week, I was very stupid.

  1. ray says:

    I did lose 25% of a Masters paper I was writing by pressing the wrong key having worked on it until midnight. This was before cloud computing. So frustrated, neigh angry twas i that i had to stop myself throwing the whole box of sparks out my 10th floor window. I just swore a lot and then bought a new computer. Now I email myself loads of copies when I do write something.


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