This week is all I have to prepare for Christmas.

This time next week, I will be in Vietnam, bebes!

Here’s my news from the last few days in the life of yours truly:

  1. I found out I was featured on Mr Tom Jones’ The People. Tom took the photo on a bushwalk near my place. It’s as genuine as it gets – no makeup, no glamour, just authentic love of the bush. It was the perfect time of year for orchids, so there I am pointing out a magnificent spider orchid in the undergrowth. Thanks, Tom!
  2. I said goodbye to my studio. It’s been really valuable to me this year. I’ve never had a place that felt like it belonged to me so completely, and the support of the other writers has been amazing. But next year, I’ll be returning to the community to be the baby of the office and plaster the walls with rainbows.
  3. I have been drawing SO MUCH. Mostly Christmas presents for people, since I hate buying stuff that just ends up in landfill. Also what is this ‘money’ people speak of, and how can I get some?

So not a lot of actual writing got done this week, between working, drawing and chores, but you’re most welcome to read this piece on plotting.

Rest assured that posts will still be going up while I’m away! Your Tuesdaily fix of fantastic will be right here as usual. I might just take longer to respond to comments, since I’ll be exploring caves and running away from freaky monkeys and whatnot.

Please don’t go anywhere. I love you all.


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