This week, I am become Death, Deleter of Words.

Happy Tuesday, gentlepeeps! Here is my writing news.

  1. Still slugging away at a concise draft of Anomalies. By the way, you can read about Anomalies here. Be warned: I get pretty nerdy.
  2. I’m back at the writers’ studios for the year. Oh, the joy of unlocking my door in the morning to find a room full of light and colour, just for writing in! It’s nice to be back in the community with the other writers, too. And this year, I have a roomie! YA author virtual high-five, roomie! Thanks for all your support.
  3. Bought a new laptop. It’s a Lenovo Yoga 300, if that means anything to anyone. It was cheap, it’s light, it fits in my bag and it’s comfortable to type on. It works fine in tablet form, and I got an extra discount because a previous customer had wanted something bigger and returned it. Hardware win. That said, I really hate Windows 10 and I’m still trying to figure out all the minor changes to the system since my last laptop (RIP). Listen, Gatesy, you can take your default settings and shove ’em. I’m never using Microsoft Edge, and I’m NEVER using Bing. If Bing was a toaster, it would wash your crumpets. Even Word is different. You’d think, at this stage, that if I’m consistently writing ‘labour’ and ’empathise’, the system would pick up that I’m not using US English. I’ll work it out eventually but, ugh, it’s so not efficient.

Are you a tech nana? Speak up in the comments!


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