This week, I’m all aflutter.

Quick update!

  1. Another publisher has expressed interest in Anomalies! I can’t even find a meme that accurately captures my delight.
  2. I’ve been shortlisted for Writers Victoria’s Personal Patrons scheme. A writers’ group, book club, literary organisation or individual can adopt a writer from a shortlist of 25. They then support said cherished arty foundling to get help from a senior mentor, or a studio at the Old Melbourne Gaol, in order to boost their budding career. Thanks to the person who recommended me to Writers Victoria – and thanks to any mysterious benefactors out there looking for a little writer to take under their wing!

Artist’s representation of potential patron and me.

There have been just three business days in Australia since the Ampersand Prize was announced. I have not had this much attention from the writing world… well, ever!

3. Back onto The Celestial Kris this week. It has been FOREVER since I worked on this thing. It’s a very different beast to Anomalies and my brain is stuck a bit in ‘ruthless editor’ mode, but I’m taking note of the things that slow it down. I’m enjoying working in that world again, though.

4. On the advice of an experienced and successful writer of my acquaintance, I have also been sending queries to literary agents.

I feel like I’m at the beginning of a montage. I’ve cast many lines this week, and every business day, something excellent has happened. Next week, we’ll see if I got any bites!


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