The home invaders

When I moved in that morning

I had received no warning

of the scuttling and swarming

taking place beneath the floor.


Oh, the horrors that were lurking!

I was so naively working

without a clue that I’d be blerk-ing

when I came in the front door.


In the crannies dark and grubby

the invaders made their cubby

growing stronger, getting chubby

on the ancient crumbs of yore.


They’d a thousand spots to settle:

under toaster, under kettle,

under marble, wood or metal,

‘twixt the dishwasher and drawer.


When the evening descended

their antennae they extended

and they found the kitchen splendid

and they crept out to explore.


Then upon the thieves, I blundered

and I very nearly chundered

for there must have been a hundred

on the benchtops that I saw


which had scurried out to greet me!

Some looked big enough to eat me!

They had overrun completely!



And from every foul freeloader

of sub-phylum Hexapoda

came a most revolting odour!

How I screamed, and how I swore


for like many Aussie writers

I have seen my share of biters

and I hardly flinch at spiders

but a cockroach, I abhor.


Like some Mortein gladiator

like an insect Terminator

I said, ‘See you buggers later!’

held my breath and set my jaw


and I sprayed them straight to Hades –

all the monsters, all the babies.

Now they’re pushing up the daisies;

the invaders are no more.



at least until tomorrow

for in every grimy hollow

the survivors in their sorrow

chitter, ‘Human, this means war.’



4 thoughts on “The home invaders

  1. Bruce Partland says:

    Nice, Mim. (Cockroaches used to be a Sydney thing. They seem to be in the process of invading Melbourne. Climate change??)


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