About me

I’ve wanted to be a storyteller since I was a toddler. I studied creative writing at the University of Melbourne, and wrote my thesis on teen fantasy fiction. I’m a left-handed free-range oven-fired ace atheist made from 99% natural fibres and malted in an oak barrel for up to three years.


My MG steampunk novel, Anomalies, was shortlisted for the 2016 Ampersand Prize. It’s under consideration by agents at the moment.

My other YA novel, The Celestial Kris, is one of the 2018 winners of a Copyright Agency Cultural Fund Award Mentorship. It’s a high-fantasy quest inspired by the mythology and indigenous cultures of Malaysian Borneo.

I’m also working on an MG novel, The Grandest Bookshop in the World, for which I’ve won the 2018 Ian Wilson Memorial Fellowship. It’s a historical fantasy about Cole’s Book Arcade –  a very special piece of Melbourne history, and the family who lived there.


I also write plays for secondary schools. The Glass Street Ghost is a comedic mystery about three young investigators trying to uncover the secret of their local haunted house. Shift is a metafictional comedy about the self-aware characters of a fantasy novel, on a quest to find their creator. Both plays are suitable for large casts and school budgets, available here and here.

I’m working on another one for an all-female cast, Treasure: one girl’s search for truth in a world where the rich are incapable germophobes and the poor live off their mountains of garbage.

Other stuff

One of my short stories, Left of Centre, came runner up in the fiction category of the Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers’ Competition in 2016 and was published in The Victorian Writer magazine.

You can read my poetry for free here, or assorted short pieces here.

I’ve written a sci-fi murder mystery text adventure game which you can play here, and I occasionally guest-post for my pal the Unshaved Mouse.

If you’d like to get in contact, email me at melloramelia@gmail.com, leave a comment, or follow me on Twitter. Thanks for visiting!